I like writing stories in various genres and with various focuses. I’ll do my best to make it clear what you’re getting yourself into when you start a story.

I read a lot, and some of my favorite stories a posted for free online. One such story has been posted in chapters. When I started reading it, there were six chapters. I thought it was probably finished, since the most recent post was about three months old. By the time I finished chapter six, I realized there would probably be closer to twenty chapters before the story arc was complete. Chapter eight was posted a little over a year ago, ending at a rather depressing scene. I’m still waiting for chapter nine.

During my wait, I have written to the author, ranted at my friends about the unfairness of being cut off from these characters I love so much, thrown things, strangled several pillows, checked the site repeatedly, and cried.

I don’t want any of my readers to suffer such a fate, and I am notorious for leaving projects half-finished. So, my rule is that when I post something, you will know that it is complete, or at least intended to be. Sequels may arise if inspiration strikes, though I would never presume to promise them to you.

Happy reading!