On the bus

One of my earlier poems, probably 2003 or 2004. I was pining over an upperclassman who was really good at theater.

On the bus
I dream of you
That is my time to
Dream of you
I stare out the window
And pretend you’re next to me
I think of when
You looked at me
What were you thinking
Can you tell
That I dream of you
When I’m alone?
Who do you dream of?
Will you ever
Dream of me?


I forget, each time you leave

An untitled poem from 2004-2005, probably 2005. It’s about a friend I had a crush on at the time. Said friend never found that out, and probably never will, since we’re no longer close.

I forget, each time you leave
Just how it feels when you are there
The way I can’t quite remember
How the sun feels
Each time I stand in the rain
But I remember that it feels good
I remember that I always want
To go the extra mile
To do some small thing
That will keep you with me
Just a little longer