The Tide Pool

This one actually had a title! It was written in late spring of 2005, which I only worked out because I remember when and where I wrote it. I was not at the beach, or near any body of water, just inspired.

Can you hear the silence of the tide pools
Where the little crabs play at life
As did we all
When we were small?
Can you feel the pounding of the waves
As they reach
For the tide pools
For that tiny stillness
Among the rocks and dunes
Across the flats
Of dark
And in the tide pool
The crabs
The snails
The little shellfish
Yea all the creatures
Of the tide pool’s tiny god
Move about
In their own small circle of life


When I see you, World

This is a celebration of being alive in spring time. Written sometime in the spring of 2006.

When I see you, World in the lush green grass,
you wash my sins away,
and all the little things I cannot bear to do
but have already done.
Dancing in the grey rain,
on the blue sea shore,
in the now that’s here all else forgotten
I can taste your salt
and touch the way you move.
Intricate dances of untold rhythms
A thousand steady syncopations
The beats pound into one
That openness that makes me close my eyes,
so they can’t shut the feelings out.
I sink my feet into your body,
throw my hands into your breath,
in the nows when you are smiling.