This scene came to me in my dreams. It’s complete fiction, and I have no idea why it showed up, but I was compelled to write it out. As of yet, I have no plans to make it into a longer story. I don’t even know what such a story might be.

Finally, I had made up my mind. I found him looking out a window, shoulders tense. When I called his name he turned, but he didn’t meet my eyes. I held out my arms and he stepped into them stiffly. Had he changed his mind? Didn’t he want me anymore? I kissed his cheek and he clung tighter, burying his face in my shoulder. I spoke softly.

“Did you… do you still want me to stay?”

“I just want you to be happy.”

“I would be happy. Here, with you.” He didn’t look at me.

“I made up my mind,” I said, and he tensed, starting to pull away from me. And then I finally understood.

“You think I’m trying to say goodbye don’t you?” I asked hearing the smile in my own voice. He froze and, for the first time since he asked me to stay, he looked into my eyes. The moment stretched as he studied my face. I expected him to speak, but he just watched me, maybe afraid he had misunderstood, afraid to hope.

“I want to stay. The answer is yes. If you’ll still have me.” He let out a whoop and lifted me up, squeezing so tight I could barely breathe. He swung me around exuberantly, and I almost laughed, though I didn’t have quite enough breath to manage it. When he finally set me down, he gripped the back of my head in one hand and kissed me the way I had been waiting for, hoping for. A soul deep kiss. A vulnerable kiss.

“You’re really staying?” He asked grinning at me.

“Yes,” I said again. “Yes, yes, ye–” He cut me off with another kiss.

“I love you,” he said seriously, the smile lingering in his eyes.

“I love you too,” I said, and knew I had made the right choice. As scary as it was, there was no where else I would rather be.


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