Another previously untitled poem from 2003-2004ish. It’s based off a real experience of sitting on the bus and feeling someone behind me, when I knew no one was there. It sounds creepy, but it didn’t feel creepy, it felt like a glimpse of the future. If I think about it, I can still feel that breath on my neck, and it still gives me shivers in a good way.

Poetry marched down my back
Sending shivers worming through my flesh
I felt someone who wasn’t there grip my shoulders
Turn me to face a thing I couldn’t see
Through the thick smudge of reality that sat smugly before eyes
I felt a breath
From another time
Or place
On the nape of my neck
Felt words I couldn’t understand
I thought of angels and demons both
Flying through my summer sky
And wished what they call reality
Didn’t hold me so tightly
I reached myself back
To the hands on my shoulders
To the breath on my neck
And tried to refocus my eyes


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