Welcome readers and lovers of words! I recently came to the realization that some of the things I write are actually worth reading. I know that sounds either like I had no self esteem or like I am totally full of myself, but I assure you neither is the case. I have been hiding a lot of myself, and I would like to share some of me with the world.

I don’t really limit myself in what I write, and I get inspired by some pretty random things. Just hold on to your pants and enjoy the ride. I expect that most of you will only be interested in some of what I write, so I will do my best to make it clear what you’re getting yourself into when you open a post. Please forgive me if I fail, and let me know what warnings you would have liked if they weren’t provided.

I’m starting by posting some of my poetry, with stories and essays hopefully to follow. I doubt I will be a very regular poster, therefore if you like anything I have posted, or are interested in reading new things that come up, please make sure you will get notifications of some kind.

Have fun exploring!